EK055G – ELEGANCE Juice&Milk Dispenser ‘Ensemble’ Model Gold (2.5 l /3 l) for Juice Dispenser and Milk Can, Juice: dishwasher-proof plastic Container (light), Milk: Stainless Steel Container, FRILICH Stainless Steel Faucet, Drip Grille, Lid, lid handle and Crushed Ice tube made of Stainless Steel (24 carat gold-plated), Cooling Pack inserted in Stainless Steel Base, high-quality Hi-Macs Tray HI-MACS TRAYS ARE MANUFACTURED ON INDIVIDUAL REQUEST AND THEREFORE CANNOT BE EXCHANGED

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1 Each / 20.62 Pounds / Cube: 1939.18 Cubic Feet


L: 133.85834 Inches, W: 149.61 Inches, H: 167.322925 Inches

  • Stackable: No

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