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Download Your Essential Eco-Takeouts® Implementation Guide

Discover all the key benefits, costs, and strategies to implementing a successful Eco-Takeouts® reusable to-go program in C&U dining operations.

This E-Guide Delivers:

  • The value a reusable to-go program can bring to your operation
  • Costs of implementation
  • Best methods for implementation
  • Custom options for Eco-Takeouts®
  • Proper care and maintenance for your Eco-Takeouts®

Watch Eco-Takeouts® in action and you’ll see why 500+ universities and organizations love their reusable programs!

Colleges & Universities

See Eco-Takeouts® in use at Xavier University’s popular to-go dining program.

Food Trucks

GoBox utilizes Eco-Takeouts® to eliminate disposable waste in Portland’s downtown food truck scene.


The Good Food Store in Missoula showcases their Eco-Takeouts® reusable container program in their café and deli.