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Bugambilia® Resin-Coated Aluminum Buffet & Displayware

Bugambilia® can help you differentiate your presentation from all others with our unique buffetware and serving pieces. Our shapes, colors, and sizes are well suited for any menu item and will create an attractive display for your guests’ dining pleasure.

Handcrafted Artisanal Displayware

For more then 30 years, our foundry in Mexico has been producing unique, solid sand-cast aluminum products that are handcrafted, manufactured and shipped all over the world. Our products are specially designed for commercial use—so you can be sure our buffet ware can withstand a busy hospitality environment.

Multipurpose for All Your Displayware Needs

  • Breakfast Bars
  • Salad Bars
  • Dessert Stations
  • Antipasti Displays
  • Cold Case Displays
  • Catering & Banquets
  • Buffet Presentations

23 Colors and Two Finishes To Choose From

Bugambilia® Displayware

A Superior Break-Resistant, BPA-Free Option For Your Buffet

Versatility & Value

Beautiful resin-coated cast aluminum displayware in a variety of shapes, sizes, and unique colors. With sophisticated style, the Classic coating, an upscale rough surface, or the glossy-smooth Mod surface gives off just a bit of shine while creating head-turning presentations that put the focus on your food.

Operational Efficiency

Bugambilia® Displayware keeps up with your operational needs because of its expert craftsmanship. The cast aluminum body and resin coating offer the best temperature retention, keeping your food within the temperature safety zone. Bugambilia® Displayware is the perfect option for cold applications like salad bars, ice cream/dessert bars, raw bars, etc.

Bugambilia® is Tough and Versatile
  • Can tolerate temperatures from -20˚F (-4˚C) to 200˚F (93˚C)
  • Cast aluminum body is a great conductor of temperature allowing foods to maintain proper serving temperatures for extended periods of time
  • Can be placed in freezer, refrigerator or warming oven prior to service (not suitable for food preparation or food storage)

Bugambilia® Inserts, Food Pans & Salad Bar Service

An Upscale Look for Any Cold Well

Earn More Repeat Business with Refined Presentations

Beautiful resin-coated cast aluminum cold bar system with superior temperature retention over traditional stainless steel, especially when empty vessels are pre-chilled before serving. Bugambilia® straight sided vessels are ideal for use on elevated racks in refrigerated wells and can be customized to fit a variety of well sizes and heights. Ideal for users who need to recess vessels and food pans to meet local health codes or simply enjoy the sleek aesthetics of straight-sided vessels.

Our Fit Perfect™ Line is An Easy 1-to-1 Switch from Stainless Steel

Bugambilia®’s Fit Perfect™ proprietary system locks food pans into place on adapter bars and gap bars, eliminating the need to use tiles, ice or risers. Even better, Fit Perfect works with nearly any standard cold well, which significantly reduces the need for measuring. With Fit Perfect, operators can quickly and efficiently set up and break down salad bars, dessert bars, raw bars, etc., while creating stunning, seamless displays that put the focus on the food.

Our Fit Perfect™ Line is An Easy 1-to-1 Switch from Stainless Steel

Bugambilia® Benefits and Features:
  • Can be placed directly on ice, on cold tables and deli cases
  • Heat lamps can be used
  • Commercial dishwasher safe and resistant to scratching, chipping, peeling and tarnishing
Bugambilia Salad Bar Serveware

Tile Systems

Create a stylish presentation while maintaining temperature control with Bugambilia®.

Classic Food Pans

With sophisticated style Bugambilia® food pans give off just a bit of shine while creating head-turning presentations.

Fit Perfect™

Only Fit Perfect™’s patent pending adapter bar system locks vessels in place to prevent moving and slipping.

Bugambilia® Tile Systems

Distinguish Your Cold Offerings with Bugambilia® Tile Systems

Create a Stunning Presentation that Puts the Focus on Food

Bugambilia® tiles fit the majority of standard cold wells with appetite-inspiring results. Entice your guests with strikingly beautiful cold offerings, and they’ll keep coming back for more! 

Bugambilia® offers two different standard size tiles (A and B) with 23 different configurations, which will fit the majority of manufactured wells. The insert pieces shown with the tiles may be similar to our standard pieces but have been engineered specifically to fit the tiles as shown. All tiles are available in any of our Classic Collection colors as well as in Stainless Steel.

Ordering Custom Tiles is Easy As…

Ready to Order? Have Questions?

Please note that there are many different well manufacturers offering a variety of well dimensions. Certain wells might require custom-made tiles which are available upon request. Should assistance be required to determine which standard size or custom tiles are best suited, please contact us or call +1-800-727-4500.

All tiles are available in any of our Classic Collection colors as well as in Stainless Steel. Please make sure that all measurements are accurate as both Standard and Custom tiles are not returnable.

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