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2018 Barware Trends for Foodservice


If you’re in the foodservice business, especially as an operator of a casual or full-service restaurant, bar, lounge, or hotel, you know that the marketplace is as crowded as ever, making it a challenge to stand out from competitors.

A great way to stay relevant, earn new customers, and retain existing ones is to make sure you don’t fall behind the current trends. Here at G.E.T., we’re here to help you set the standard with insight on the 2018 trends for barware so you can:

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors, strengthening your brand equity
  • Increase perceived value from your guests’ point of view with beautiful presentations
  • Even be able to charge a bit more for the same beverages, padding your bottom line

Let’s see what the future has in store for your barware style. 

The 2018 Barware Trend in One Word: Metal

metal-barware-2018-trends.jpgFeatured: New metal drinkware in copper and stainless steelInterested? Request a sample.

Drawing on the popular urban industrial dŽcor theme, metal is the go-to material for 2018. The urban industrial style evokes feelings of authenticity by leaning on raw materials like metal and wood that are as rough and rustic as they are warm and welcoming.

You can already see echoes of metal in the popularity of Edison bulbs and exposed pipes incorporated into interior design instead of being covered up. Using copper mugs or other metal barware glasses creates an aesthetic extension to these existing styles.

urban-industrial-trend-stainless-mug.jpgFeatured: Stainless steel mug in urban industrial style, two-tone glass bowlInterested? Request a sample.

If you already have some urban industrial themes in your operation, you can bring your presentations full circle with metal cocktail glasses. And if you’re just starting out on this dŽcor trend, metal barware is a great way to kick off your refreshed look.

2018-trend-metal-drinkware.jpgFeatured: 16 oz. double-walled copper tumbler with stainless steel interior (brushed finish mug, hammered finish tumbler), full set of two-tone colored glass bowls with wood serving boardInterested? Request a sample.

Beyond creating swoon-worthy presentations and delighting your patrons, metal drinking glasses are perfect for you bar because:

  • They pair well with casual and formal settings and service models
  • Metal keeps your beverages colder, longer, for the best cocktail experience anywhere
  • All copper-coated mugs are tested and verified as food-safe
  • Even simple garnishes can make a bold statement due to the overall minimalist design
  • You can create dynamic presentations by mixing and matching different finishes and copper and stainless pieces
  • Certain cocktail glasses, like martinis and mini mugs, have multiple applications – for example, hors d’oeuvres, desserts, or a mashed potato bar – that you can use in other areas of your operation and minimize the number of smallwares you keep on-hand

Featured: 12 oz. stainless steel and copper-plated with stainless steel interior martini glasses, 14 oz. copper-plated stainless steel interior Moscow Mule mugInterested? Request a sample.

If you’d like to see for yourself how these drinkware options can upgrade your presentation and keep you on-trend in 2018, you can get a sample to try. To see all the options available to you, download this brochure, complete with accessories like matching ice tubs and serving trays.

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