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4 Reasons Caterers and Mobile Foodservice Operators Adore Takeaway Cones


It’s 4:00 a.m. on a Tuesday. The rest of the world asleep, you walk into the commissary ready to prep for a long day of serving the masses. Coffee nearby, you inspect your product for quality, selecting only the freshest meats and veggies before slicing them up to fulfill your weekday pars. Your days are long, your feet and back rarely rested, but this is where you thrive: Making food that people love, which makes them happy, which makes you happy.

If you can relate to mornings like this, you probably work, or have worked in catering or maybe even have a food truck or similar style of mobile foodservice you call your own. Offsite foodservice dictates unique needs like often having to prep food in one place, but cooking and serving in another. Then there’s the equipment to schlep, not to mention the challenge of coming up with great presentations for guests eating on the go.

You probably agree catering and mobile foodservice are complex operations that prosper when simplicity prevails, which is where takeaway cones come into play. Caterers and mobile foodservice operators adore these portable vessels from G.E.T. for four reasons: they’re stylish, sturdy, incredibly convenient, and can be branded with custom logos and designs.

Takeaway Cones are Stylish

Takeaway cones offer a dynamic shape, adding a touch of thoughtful flare to your presentation that’s more interesting to look at than a typical square or rectangle to-go food container. G.E.T.’s cones come in three colors, so you can pick the one that best fits your brand positioning:

  • White is clean, modern, understated, and elegant
  • Brown supports brands that position themselves as eco-friendly, vintage, or farm-to-table
  • Black communicates luxury and exclusivity

Dressing up your takeaway food by using cones is a subtle and effective touch that tells your guests even the seemingly smallest details count. It’s a fun, playful shape that’s functional as well.

Pictured: Paper Board Takeaway Cones and Foil-Lined Takeaway Cones 

Takeaway Cones are Sturdy

Made with heavy paperboard, G.E.T.’s takeaway cones are built to withstand countless kinds of cuisine from churros to hot wings and almost everything in between. You can serve your catered dishes or food truck menu items with full confidence knowing your takeaway cones will create an excellent experience through your guests’ entire dining process.

Even though takeaway cones are made with hardy paperboard, they’re flexible enough to stack flat. Operators enjoy this feature because it saves an enormous amount of space, especially in cramped quarters like a food truck or similar mobile foodservice. Takeaway cones can even stack flatter than traditional paper boats because you don’t have the raised edges to deal with. And when you need to open a cone, all you have to do is gently squeeze the middle and it pops right open.

Greaseproof versions of paper cones are also available through G.E.T. They are sauce- and liquid-resistant, which make them perfect options for messy meals like nachos, chili, poutine, etc. This type of takeaway cone sports a foil lining. Foil is metal, and grease can’t penetrate metal, which helps these cones stand up to the sauciest foods out there.

Takeaway Cones Create Incredible Convenience

In addition to being stylish and sturdy, takeaway cones offer an abundance of convenience for operators and guests alike. The shape alone:

  • Makes it easy to scoop snacks like popcorn, trail mix, or candy into the wide mouth without much spillage
  • The diminishing space from the mouth to the tip of the cone traps heat, keeping food hot longer than it would in a traditional paper boat
  • Is easy to hand to guests while keeping fingers away from food
  • Is easy for guests to carry around with a single hand

take-away-paper-cone-with-rack.jpgPictured: Food-Safe Take Away ConesRack for 6 Takeaway Cones

You can even get a cone with a sauce pocket built into the top. We love this feature because dipping sauces open the door for chefs to get creative and differentiate their operations with anything from house ketchup to coconut curry chutney. The sauce pocket makes it easy for caterers and mobile foodservice operators to serve their creations with a sauce on the side. Guests benefit, too. You’d need 3 hands to hold a sauce cup, a takeaway food container, and still be able to dip and eat your food.

Sauce pockets are optional, too. If you want to use it, just pull down the flap and you’re in business. If you don’t, leave it as-is and your guests won’t know the difference. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that G.E.T.’s greaseproof, foil-lined cones don’t come with a sauce pocket.

Because takeaway cones can accommodate so many different kinds of food, they’re available in a few different sizes: 

Different sizes allow chefs to accommodate entrees, snacks, and short and tall menu items, which can help to broaden an operation’s offerings. The more offerings available (within reason, of course), the more opportunity you can create for people to dine with you.

custom-branded-food-safe-take-away-cones.jpgPictured: Food-Safe Take Away Cones 

Add Custom Branded Logos and Designs to Takeaway Cones

Opting for custom branding on takeaway cones is an excellent idea because of their portable nature. Not only does it visually tie your food and brand together, custom logos or designs can act as a walking billboard wherever your guests take them.

If you choose to add custom branding to your takeaway cones, you can expect:

  • A Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 100-150 cases (50,000-75,000 pieces)
  • One-time setup fee of about $200-250
  • Additional cost for custom art on takeaway cones is figured on a case by case basis
  • Single-color printing capabilities
  • Sample proof ready in about a week
  • Complete order ready in about 6 weeks once final approval of sample is received

It may cost more to add custom artwork, but your guests will enjoy it too – especially if you have raving fans who want to be associated with your brand. You may be able to charge a little more for the perk of helping them show their pride. You could even include a hashtag on your takeaway cones encouraging guests to post pictures on social media, which is another way you can get some free advertising from your customization efforts.

If you’d like to speak with someone about adding custom branding to your takeaway cones, we’ve got a dedicated team of folks at G.E.T. who are happy to help. You can contact us at (800) 727-4500, via email at [email protected], or on our Contact Us page.

We know how hard caterers and mobile foodservice operators work every day to bring smiles to so many people. We also know that for folks working in this sector of the food industry, investing in takeaway food containers is unavoidable. That’s why G.E.T. strives to create perfect options to help elevate brands and ensure they’re getting the most out of imperative investments. If you’d like to learn more about some other eco-friendly food takeaway containers, check out “Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Styrofoam™ Takeout Containers.”


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