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Introducing Heiss Aluminum Induction Cookware


Heissª aluminum cookware is now available from G.E.T. Watch the introductory video featuring our resident metals expert, Mike Halles, as he tells you the many benefits this innovative cookware will bring to your foodservice operation.  

If you prefer to read, we’ve provided a transcription below the video. Enjoy! 

So, are you tired of lifting the heavy cast iron cookware? Well if so, this is the video for you. What I’d like to do in this video is explain the differences between the cast iron – the heavy cast iron – versus our new Heissª cast aluminum. 

The popularity of cast iron cookware in the foodservice industry is hot. Well, our new Heissª cast aluminum cookware mimics the look of the cast iron cookware, but it’s lighter weight and less expensive. 

The other advantage of the Heissª cast aluminum cookware is you can use it in your oven up to 500°F (260°C). You can also use it on open flame. And yes, we’ve designed this cookware with an induction pad on the bottom so it is also induction-ready.

The Heissª cookware comes in three colors:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Gray 

All with that gradient color, so the bottom of the pan is darker and as you graduate up the pan, the beautiful colors will pop for your presentation.

Okay, so imagine the back of the house where you’re using and cleaning the heavy cast iron cookware. Well, your staff will take your cookware out of the dish machine and they may stack one pan on top of the other, right? Well, if they do that you can get chipping along the top edge of your heavy cast iron pans. And it’s cast iron, meaning there’s iron in the pan, and when exposed to water and air, it can rust, right?


Try Heissª induction-ready aluminum cookware:
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Well, the beauty of our pan is that it’s made of cast aluminum. The whole body and lid is made of aluminum so it cannot rust. The only iron on our pan is on the very bottom. We have an iron cladding so that it will work with induction ranges.

Hey, so caterers love our Heissª cookware, and the reason for that is because it’s lighter weight than cast iron, and much easier to transport. So whether it’s from one event to the next, or from the back of the kitchen to the front of the house, the lighter weight will make it much, much easier on your staff.

The Heissª cookware heats up quickly but also cools down quicker than the cast iron. So for catered events, and for quick setup and quick tear down, this is ideal for your application.

Specific to the care and maintenance for your lid, we recommend that you do dish wash the lid. However, when the lid comes out of the machine, we recommend that you rinse it with clean water and then tip it upside-down. That way if there is any residue from the detergents in the dish machine, they do not pool up and make marks on your lid.

Secondly, you’ll see these little dimples on the bottom of the lid. Those have been designed in to allow the steam coming off your food to evenly drip back into your food.


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