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No expensive tech, no complicated systems. Just simple, stylish Corporate Service and POP systems to attract guests’ attention and help increase sales of grab-and-go impulse buys.

Your Trusted Partner for Corporate Service & POP Merchandiser Stands

In today’s operating environment with everchanging mandates for where and how many guests you can serve, you’ve got enough complexity on your plate. With sought-after style, G.E.T’s Corporate Service and POP systems are in-demand at a wide variety of corporate offices, retail operations, and hotels.

  • Large dining halls and office campuses
  • Convenience stores, coffee shops and retail outlets
  • Hotel marketplaces, lobbies, pool decks, cafés and more

Hotel / Lobby

Convenience is king in the current economy. Consumers increasingly want products and services now, and that drive, with the help of technology, has led to the creation of the on-demand economy.

Marketplace Displays Help Hotels Tap into Trends

On-demand can be as simple as anticipating your guests’ wants and needs and finding a convenient way to provide them. Marketplace displays put goods right in front of your guests. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Hoteliers can target three trends with marketplace displays:

  • On-demand economy
  • Increased snack occasions
  • Urban industrial décor themes

Take Your Marketplace Offerings Beyond the Trends

Hotels don’t have to stop at offering snacks in the lobby. Use the same display pieces throughout the property to provide even more guest convenience and upgraded aesthetics:

  • Dress up breakfast buffets and catering spreads by smartly displaying napkins, silverware, creamer, sugar, jams, butters
  • Offer late-night milk and cookies in the lobby or concierge areas
  • Provide last-minute souvenirs

Find The Right Product For Your Needs

Corporate Services

G.E.T offers a comprehensive collection, from small countertop baskets to large display baskets.

Capture the On-Trend, Edgy Look of Modern Industrial Style for Your Office

Vertical designs reduce display footprints for extra space on your countertops and floors, creating an opportunity to use more of your space for corporate grab-n-go displays for employees.

Fashionable Wire Metal Baskets With a Light, Airy Design Make Perfect Grab-N-Go Stations

Once your grab-n-go sections are setup with sought-after snacks and other convenient amenities, we know you’ll enjoy surprised and delighted employees by building in more convenience to the work environment.


5-tier and 3-tier styles in 3 colors


Six basket colors available


Plastic liners, signage, and hanging baskets

Display Stands & Risers

Build texture and depth into corporate service and grab-n-go setups with Urban Renewal and Heights™ Risers.

  • Collections feature mix-and-match components in wood and metal
  • Design fashionable displays unique to each operation

Retail / Merchandiser Displays

G.E.T offers on-trend solutions, from small countertop merchandiser displays to large modular display stands.

Kickstart Your Convenience Offerings

G.E.T. developed a versatile line of marketplace displays and accessories. The pieces are intended to work together in form and function. You can mix and match textures, sizes, and shapes to create on-trend displays.

Ideal Baskets for Grab-N-Go, Merchandise and Points-of-Sale Impulse Buys

Fashionable wire metal baskets with a light, airy design make perfect grab-and-go stations. The easy-view grid design puts your wares on display, simplifying purchase decisions for guests.

Ready To Distinguish Your Corporate Services & POP Stands From Other Providers?