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10 Creative Ways to Serve Pasta


Pasta: a two-syllable word that has thousands of iterations and variations each pulling from various cultural and regional influences. Whether serving a warm, rustic version of grandma’s lasagna in a diner or a classic Italian puttanesca in a high-end establishment, presentation is key. We’ll show different pasta plating options that will benefit kitchen and wait staff, and delight guests.


Bring understated elegance to the table by adding a rustic touch to your tasty Italian creations. A truly comforting style with a hand-painted look on a clean ivory background provides the perfect vehicle for family-style service. The oval shape allows for easy placement of a few different family-style entrŽes in the center of a table while facilitating passing the dish from guest to guest. 

Products Used:

Marzette ª Oval Platter: OP-120  (Coming Q3, 2017)


Make a bowl-ed statement! This bowl pairs rich color with natural-feeling texture from the Etchedwareª collection, and leaves a positive impression. The wide rim allows for easy handling in the kitchen and hides fingerprints and scratches. 

Products Used:

Etchedwareª Melamine Bowl: B-1609-R


Step up presentations with this striking option. The mesmerizing color from G.E.T.’s Cosmoª collection will compliment chefs’ pasta creations and brighten their tables. The blue glaze adds depth to your food presentation. With the look and feel of china, but none of the weight, operators don’t have to worry about servers’ trays being too heavy.

Products Used:

Melamine Irregular Bowl: B-42-CSB


Wonderfully versatile, this avocado-tinted bowl pairs timeless design with a dash of whimsy for guests to enjoy. The red marinara sauce coupled with the green bowl creates a beautiful color contrast. Servers use the wide lip to seamlessly and easily move the bowl from the tray to the table. 

Products Used:

Melamine 16 oz. Bowl with Rim: B-1611-AV 


With a refined silhouette and vintage design, this bowl makes almost anywhere feel like home. The rustic design will take your guests back to a simpler time. The lightweight melamine material allows waiting personnel to bring more bowls to the line during plate recovery, speeding up operations. 

Products Used:

Melamine Irregular Bowl: B-42-RM


Reminiscent of brush strokes, the elegantly textured rim elevates any pasta dish by adding an unexpected touch of dimension. The shape of the bowl is perfect for pasta serving keeping your dish the focal point.

Products Used:

Melamine Textured Rim Bowl: B-32-MN-W


Why not try to serve your pasta in a square bowl? This is a creative spin that your millennium diners will love! Plus, this is a new biodegradable dinnerware from G.E.T. that is made from 90% sustainable bamboo. It is unique and eco-friendly, plus can withstand 1,000 washes. You can recycle these bowls when they reach the end of their lives, reducing trash output, and saving time and money.

Products Used:

BambooMatteª Square Bowl: BAM-20-N (Coming Q2, 2017)



A simple contemporary canvas keeps plating clean and fresh. The crisp ivory highlights food while the pristine glaze captures the beauty. The edgeless bowl makes for a friendly presentation. It works well with other round tableware or as a different texture within a mixed display. 

Products Used:

Square Bowl: CS-9236



Serving in a skillet adds sizzle to presentation with a fun look. The open-ended handle is suitable for several different styles of service from fast-casual to full-service. It also means ease of handling for wait staff. 

Products Used:

Melamine Skillet: SK-2-IV 


Carbonara? Cacio e pepe? Let pasta be the star against this stark white coupe bowl. Its straightforward, perfectly classic design lets pasta and sauce shine through without distractions. 

Learn whether serving pasta out of a plate vs a bowl is better for different styles of operations by taking a look at our article: How to Serve Pasta: Plates vs Bowls?

 Products Used:

Siciliano¨ Bowl: CS-6106

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