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13 Creative Ways to Serve Entrée: Soup and Sandwich


Just like your menu, atmosphere, and customer service, how you plate your food directly reflects your brand. It is ancillary and sometimes a last-minute serving element of how your restaurant and food should be perceived by your customer. Below we will look at several ways to take the most simple offerings and how you can showcase them in ways to best represent your brand and message.

It may sound obvious, but the time-honored combo lunch is still a go-to for diners. Soup and sandwich combinations are a perfect solution for both the operator and the customer due to a fixed price. The soup & sandwich combo value promotion targets the lunch crowd, small eaters, or retirees.

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The soup and sandwich combo doesn’t have to be blasŽ. By using a black metal basket with a paper liner, you are not only on-trend for the urban industrial look, but adding a bistro pot in place of a bowl pulls the total industrial look together.

Products Used:

14″ x 7″ Rectangular Grid Basket: 4-35814

14 oz. Mini Bistro Pot: 4-80999

Food-Safe Liner: 4-TD1900

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Looking for something a little different? Try using a wood-like board for dinnerware. Just as it elevates cheese and meats to charcuterie, it can turn a simple sandwich and soup to an elevated and satisfying meal, that you may be able to charge more for.

Products Used:

13.5″ x 7.75″ Faux Oak Wood Display: SB-1375-COW

10 oz. Mini Bistro Pot: 4-80910

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Pairing old style soup bowls with rustic vintage dinnerware can bring a new look to a current trend. The warmth of the soup is matched by the look.

Products Used:

12″ x 7.5″ Irregular Rectangular Platter: CS-117-FM

12 oz. Bowl w/ Handle: HSB-112-BR

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While white is thought of as the best for showcasing food, deep colors with a reflective glaze that catches the light and adds depth can create a stunning pairing for this classic lunch combo. This is a touch of class indeed!

Products Used:

12″ x 7.5″ Irregular Rectangular Platter: CS-117-CSG

8oz. Irregular Bowl: B-8-CSG

Capture One 6732.jpg

 Elegant and simple. A hand-painted pattern on an ivory platter paired with a classic cup of soup. A trip to Greece anyone?

Products Used:

Marzetteª 15″ x 7.5″ Tray: ML-287- (Coming Soon)

10 oz. Bowl:  B-45-DI

Capture One 6794.jpg

 An elegant design, yet casual option is this beautiful plate with its organic shape and rim detailing.

Products Used:

10 oz. Bowl: B-45-DI

Magnolia Oval Platter: OP-0311 (Coming Soon!) 

Capture One 6791.jpg

Bringing in texture can allow you to keep your plating clean and fresh. The bright white will frame your food while the texture will add depth and dimension to your plating. It’s artistry on the plate, by the plate.

Products Used:

10.75″ x 8.75″ x 6.75″ Freestyle Triangle Plate: CS-1180-CN-W

10 oz. Freestyle Triangle Bowl: CS-1070-CN-W

Capture One 6784.jpg

Table space will always be a premium. Utilizing oblong platters will not only help with table space but with the addition of fun colors and interesting shapes, you can take a basic soup and sandwich and elevate it to a delightful offering, while utilizing this platter for other dining needs like family-style menu items or a catered item.

Products Used:

15″ x 8″ Oval Platter: OP-1580-DJ

10 oz. Bowl: B-45-FG

Capture One 6739.jpg

 Bright white will always provide a clean canvas for your menu and this is one of many old and new white options to consider.

Products Used:

12″ x 9″ Textured Rim Oval Platter:  PT-129-MN-W

8 oz. Textured Rim Bowl: B-10-MN-W

Capture One 6746.jpg

 This narrow rectangular platter with delicate rim detailing creates a subtle feel of rustic dining and again, could be used for other dining options due to its trendy shape and upscale, casual flexibility in design.

Products Used:

8 oz. Irregular Bowl: B-8-UM

Urban MIll Platter: Coming Soon!

Capture One 6771.jpg

  This classic and casual fun shape has a practical application and will always be a winner for operators and consumers alike. 

Products Used:

12″ Palette Plate: PP-976-W

12 oz. Bowl: BC-12-W 

Capture One 6773.jpg

 Don’t be afraid of color. A simple oval platter with a matching bowl of soup can bring a visual impact while still keeping it casual.  These come in many colors and shapes, so get creative!

Products Used:

9.75″ x 7.25″ Oval Platter: OP-950-PB

10 oz. Bowl: B-45-PB

Capture One 6734.jpg

Not everything has to be trend forward. Here is a classic plate with a bold yet neutral rim pattern. A traditional and comfortable look!

Products Used:

9.75″ x 7.25″ Oval Platter: OP-950-CA

10 oz. Bowl: B-105-CA


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