Sustainability & Profitability in One Turnkey Program


Eco-Takeouts® Reusable & Recyclable Polypropylene To-Go Containers

Eco-Takeouts® divert tons of waste from landfills while saving you a significant amount of money while providing a much improved dining experience over flimsy disposables.

Why You AND Your Guests Will Love Eco-Takeouts

Eco-Takeouts® offer an improved guest experience over flimsy polystyrene and paper products. They are fully customizable, extremely durable and microwavable in 1-minute pulses, the comprehensive Eco-Takeouts® line accommodates a huge variety of menu items in a simple closed loop system.

Using Disposables is like Throwing Money Away

The constantly growing number of operators who have embraced the simple Eco-Takeouts® program benefit from:

  • Sustainability/environmental responsibility
  • Significant spending and waste reduction
  • Rapid break-even after rollout
  • Improved guest perception and dining experiences

Learn How to Successfully Implement Your Eco-Takeouts® Reusable To-Go Program

Eco-Takeouts® Comes in Three Stylish Looks

Eco-Takeouts® Jade

The classic Jade color offers an excellent way to immediately signal your green efforts to diners.

Eco-Takeouts® Clear

An operator favorite for more than a decade, Eco-Takeouts® Clear offers a neutral style that fits with most décor.

Eco-Takeouts® Luxury Black Edition

The only reusable to-go container
program with an upmarket classic
Black look.

The Eco-Takeouts® Suite

Count on Eco-Takeouts®’s industry-leading product innovation to accommodate all your menu items

Eco Drop Bin

A simple, comprehensive solution for easily returning used Eco-Takeouts containers.

The Eco Drop Bin features a sleek design made from highly durable powder-coated steel and is fully customizable.

Eco-Takeouts Bin
Eco-Takeouts Hot And Cold Cup

Eco-Takeouts® Hot & Cold Cup

The first beverage option created specifically for the Eco-Takeouts program not only offers a better experience, but it also improves safety too:

  • Sturdy lid seal
  • No clumsy sleeves needed for hot drinks
  • Safely microwavable in: 30 pulses
  • Customizable

Other Benefits & Features

  • Keeps hot food hot significantly longer than polystyrene, especially helpful for high-volume service
  • The most comprehensive line of reusable to-go containers on the market with constant new product development
  • Fewer order mistakes thanks to transparent containers
  • Easy stacking
  • Microwavable for reheating food in one minute pulses
  • Recyclable #5 plastic

How to Implement Eco-Takeouts®

Eco-Takeouts® Turnkey Program

By far the most simple, cost-effective program on the market, you have two options for how you implement the program: the Accountability Model and the Honor System. Regardless of which option you use, you can expect to replace about 10%-20% of your containers annually. Our cost calculator will even show you what that will look like for your first three years of use!

Accountability Model

  • Give guests the option to choose a reusable container for a small upcharge
  • Provide a timeframe for when the container should be returned; 1-4 weeks is most common
  • Guest returns container to the operation or to the convenient Eco Drop Bin
  • If the return timeframe isn’t met, you keep the upcharge
Eco-Takeouts How It Works

The Honor System

This is similar to the Accountability Model, just without the upcharge for the container. Guests who choose a reusable over a single-use option are already bought into the sustainability efforts and therefore highly likely to return.

  • Provide the container to guests
  • Request they return it within a specified time
  • Collect returned containers in the convenient Eco Drop Bin
  • If the return timeframe isn’t met, you keep the upcharge
Who Should Implement an Eco-Takeouts Program?
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Business & Industry Campuses
  • Hospitals
  • Senior Living
  • Individual Restaurants
  • Restaurant & Delivery Collectives
  • Grab-and-Go
  • Hotels & Resorts

Ready To Make Your Business More Sustainable?