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G.E.T offers fashionable and vibrant products for healthcare & senior living that will brighten the days of patients and residents in ways no other providers can.

Your #1 Resource & Partner for Healthcare & Senior Dining

Dining is one of the most important indicators of overall satisfaction for patients, long-term care residents and their families. G.E.T.’s portfolio of serverware is ideal for healthcare professionals and senior dining, and offers you critical pieces to meet demand while still serving on stylish products to help keep spirits high.

  • Domes & Bases
  • Plates + Bowls
  • Drinkware
  • Reusable Plate Covers
  • Non-Skid Trays
  • Reusable To-Go’s

Reusable Plate & Bowl Covers

More than a method to save money and reduce waste over disposable plate covers. Evolution reusable plate covers and lids, keep food warm and sanitary and offer a much quieter experience during transport than their metal counterparts.

  • Designed to securely fit popular G.E.T. plates & bowls
  • Over 10 dinnerware colors and patterns
  • Commercial dishwasher safe material

Industry Standard Insulated Wares

This full selection of insulated bases, domes, bowls and lids features a sleek black look and protects food in transit while keeping it at desired temperatures. They are ideal for smaller operations who deliver food within 30 minutes and are not designed to work with induction or retherm units.


Our range of drinkware from G.E.T. is designed to meet the demands of healthcare and senior living facilities. G.E.T. provides an array of sizes and colors with accompanying lids that allow patients to be able to differentiate easier between the different types of drinks being served.

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Corona Calypso Collection

Design-Focused Dinnerware for Healthcare & Senior Living

Corona’s Calypso’s porcelain collection provides vibrantly colored rims, which can be mixed and matched.
Calypso’s high color contrast, helps seniors with diminishing eyesight see the plating area better.
Calypso offers A complete tabletop serving collection, including stackable tea cups and bouillon pieces.

Non Skid Trays

Distinguish your in-room dining services from other providers with stylish trays for the best patient and resident satisfaction.


Healthcare facilities use Eco-Takeouts® to provide convenient food to-go for their medical staff, visitors, and other hotel employees.

Senior living facilities embrace Eco-Takeouts® as a means to quickly distribute meals to room-bound residents while maintaining heat and creating meaningful cost and waste reduction.

Ready To Distinguish Your In-Room Dining Services From Other Providers?