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2018 Display and Serveware Trends for Hotels: From Lobby to Buffet


Savvy hotel operators are always on the lookout for the newest trends because it’s a smart way to differentiate themselves from the competition. When they’re successful, whether their property appearance is modern and fashionable or traditional and faux-authentic, guests will:

  • Be comforted by their investment decision
  • Feel smart about their wise choice
  • Tell their friends and support your marketing awareness
  • Return again and again!

The smartest, trend-minded hotel operators (that’s you!) look for small changes that offer just the right touch of panache to upgrade their overall look. And if you have your eye on improving food and beverage (F&B) displays and serveware, you’re gazing in the right direction:

“As it turns out, when done properly, F&B offerings can significantly elevate a hotel’s profitability and long-term success.”
Hotelier Magazine

We’re going to help you stay trend-forward in 2018 with a sneak peek at tomorrow’s styles within a frame of affordable, incremental upgrades you can easily apply to your F&B displays and serveware throughout your property.

The 2018 Trend is All About the Look of Raw Materials

rustic-dessert-station.jpgFeatured: Pampa Bayª serveware and crates with the look of reclaimed wood

Maybe it’s because the look of raw materials reminds us of authenticity by leaving the beauty of a material intact instead of being lost to over-processing. 

Whatever the reason, raw is the look for 2018. Often referred to as urban industrial, the style draws on the natural state of metal, wood, cement, slate, etc., made to look weathered, rough, and rustic, but with modern tones. The style is also minimalist, which creates elegant and subtly eye-catching displays.


Featured: three-tier tabletop stand with baskets, wood risers, galvanized metal accessories

And you can see in both images above, you get great interplay between the rough look when paired with high-end serveware like porcelain cake stands and metal serveware you can use at any festive occasion. Or you can create a more casual, playful marketplace display. It’s a wonderfully versatile style. 

metal-serveware-pampa-bay-salad.jpgFeatured: hand-hammered aluminum serveware, and crates with the look of reclaimed wood

We love this style because it’s so well balanced and can easily fit into a range of existing dŽcor themes. That’s good news for hotel operators, because you can easily find small changes to make around your property that fit the new, raw look, but also complement your current style. 

reclaimed-wood-crates.jpgFeatured:  three-tier tabletop stand with baskets, and crates with the look of reclaimed wood


Freshen the Look of Your Lobby


cold-beverage-station-before-after.jpgFeatured: (left) live shot of beverage dispenser at a hotel property, (right) upgraded beverage dispensers that will improve your look. 




Your lobby is the first and last impression delivered to your guests, which makes it an ideal place to seek out small ways to refresh your look. Consider upgrading existing:

  • Marketplace displays, which can help you tap into the on-demand/convenience economies
  • Complementary beverage service stations for hot and cold drinks
  • Snack, beer, and wine displays for social hour in the evenings

marketplace-stands-before-after.jpgFeatured: (left) live shot of marketplace display at a hotel property, (right) upgraded marketplace displays pieces that will improve your look. 

Use sophisticated baskets to display complementary fruit as snack options for busy guests. 

Culinaire.jpgFeatured: (left) suspended fruit basket in chrome, (right) round basket with base in chrome 

Minor Adjustments Make a Big Impact on Your Buffet and Breakfast Service

Simply replacing your existing bread and pastry presentation with eye-catching wood and metal displays is enough to give your breakfast bar a face-lift.

urban-renewal-bread-boxes-1.jpgFeatured: upgraded breakfast bread service

You can build out a whole station for coffee and hot tea service.

coffee-service-hotel.jpgFeatured: Upgraded hot beverage servicethree-tier tabletop stand with baskets

Or you can focus on smaller changes like upgrading your display for cream, sugar, stirring straws, etc. See the difference a small, simple change can create? 


coffee-creamer-sugar-napkins-before-after.jpg Featured: (left) live shot of hot beverage condiment service at a hotel, (right) upgraded hot beverage condiment service that will improve your look



Bonus Areas that Can Benefit From the Same Display and Serveware Trends

Set out light snacks and beverages in meeting rooms and banquet halls.

meeting-room-food-presentation.jpgFeatured: crates with the look of reclaimed woodthree-tier tabletop stand with basketsgalvanized metal accessories

Use trendy, rustic wood accessories to display anything from wrapped sandwiches to pens and paper and even projector remote controls during small meetings or large corporate conferences. And you can use wooden crates to decorate any space from the lobby to guest rooms.  

rustic-tray-hospitality.jpgFeatured: tray with the look of reclaimed wood

Vastly Versatile Displayware 

If you’re ready to upgrade, G.E.T. designed a versatile display and serveware collection with you in mind. You can start with a couple displays and repurpose pieces around your property as needed, building on the look throughout the year. 

It’s as easy as:

  1. Choose your stand
  2. Choose your baskets or trays
  3. Choose your accessories



Featured: (left) three-tier tabletop stand with wood boxes, (right) same wood boxes used to display hot beverage condiment service


You don’t have to go it alone. Our consultants will work within your budget to help you create the on-trend look you want. When you connect with us, we do all the work and you enjoy the benefits of creating a unique, trendy style for your property. You can even request an appointment right now if you like. blog-divider.jpg


Featured: (left) tall stand with wood boxes, (right) same wood box used to display pastry service


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