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    CA-LIDHLDR-5 – 7.5″ x 4.5″ Black, PVC Coated Wire, Lid Hanger/Lid Holder, Designed for CA-005, CA-006, CA-007, CA-008, CA-009, CA-010, CA-011, CA-012, G.E.T. Heiss

    • Energy-Efficient Made from 100% cast aluminum that heats quickly and stays hot consuming less energy during the cooking process than traditional cast iron dutch ovens ideal for soups, chilis and casseroles
    • Universal Compatibility Use with gas, electric and induction ranges and cooktops and oven safe-up to 500 F
    • 66% Lighter Unique aluminum casting process offers the even cooking of cast iron but at 1/3 the weight
    • Commercial Grade Coating is resistant to sticking, chipping and cracking unlike traditional enamel coated commercial cookware ideal for use in foodservice environments and catering
    • Dishwasher Safe Approved for residential and commercial dishwashers for quick and easy cleaning