WP-10-DW-KNB – 10.5″ Wide Rim Plate, Diamond White Base Color

An excellent example of the power of your ideas,
Kanello came to life via requests from customers
seeking a burst of color for their rimmed
The result was so popular, Kanello is now part of
our portfolio. You can choose from charming,
vibrant rim colors with an option for a bright
white plating area or a softer ivory one.
Kanello can be found in cafés, dining halls and
popular breakfast joints around the globe.

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Collection: Kanello

Technical Specifications

Material Melamine
Color Kanello Blue
Shape Round
Top Diameter 10.5 in 26.67 cm
Length 10.59 in 26.9 cm
Width 10.59 in 26.9 cm
Height 0.98 in 2.49 cm
Barcode 015845109153
Case Pack 1 Dozen
Case Weight 11.9 lbs 5.4 kg
Case Length 11.25 in 28.58 cm
Case Width 11.25 in 28.58 cm
Case Height 5.75 in 14.61 cm
Case Cube 0.42 ft3 0.01 m3

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