P-1175-BK – 11.75″ Square Plate

Featuring a beautiful matte black finish
textured with concentric circles, the
Nara collection is masterly suited for all
mainstream Asian menus. From Korean
bibimbap to Japanese sushi and Thai
curries to Vietnamese Banh Mi, Chinese
Mapo Tofu and more, the possibilities are
endless. Economically priced, Nara is best
suited for operations with fewer than 500
daily covers.

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Collection: Nara

Technical Specifications

Material Melamine
Color Black
Shape Square
Length 11.77 in 29.9 cm
Width 11.77 in 29.9 cm
Height 1.37 in 3.48 cm
Barcode 015845380842
Case Pack 1 Dozen
Case Weight 16.2 lbs 7.35 kg
Case Length 12.6 in 32.0 cm
Case Width 12.6 in 32.0 cm
Case Height 8.66 in 22.0 cm
Case Cube 0.8 ft3 0.02 m3

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