TP-12-BK – 12″ Triangle Plate

Elegance is rooted in simplicity and Black
Elegance speaks true to this sentiment.
Understated and traditional designs for this
comprehensive collection allow you to set a
pristine tabletop for nearly any occasion

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Collection: Black Elegance

Technical Specifications

Material Melamine
Color Black
Shape Triangle
Diameter 12.0 in 30.48 cm
Length 11.75 in 29.85 cm
Width 10.75 in 27.31 cm
Height 12.0 in 30.48 cm
Barcode 015845110937
Case Pack 1 Dozen
Case Weight 14.9 lbs 6.76 kg
Case Length 12.25 in 31.12 cm
Case Width 12.75 in 32.39 cm
Case Height 7.0 in 17.78 cm
Case Cube 0.63 ft3 0.02 m3

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