4-TVariety – 12″ x 12″ Food-Safe Variety Pack Newsprint Liner, 1000 pieces./cs.

  • Versatile – Ideal for lining food serving baskets, wrapping hot or cold sandwiches and burgers ideal for casual dining, fast food, bakeries and delis
  • Soy Ink – Printed with food-safe soy ink so food can be placed directly on printed surface
  • Waxed – Resistant to soaking up grease, sauces and liquids for world-class presentation
  • The G.E.T. 4-TVariety grease-resistant basket liner will add a distinctive flare to your food presentation ideal for use with food serving baskets, wrapping deli sandwiches and more. The light wax coating ensures the food basket liners are resistant to grease and won’t rip or tear. Featuring a london newsprint variety design, this deli wrap adds a fun flare. This box contains 1000 sheets of 12″ x 12″ basket liners.
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