PA1943930024 – 2.7 oz. Caramel Reactive Glaze Mini Bowl/Ramekin, 3 3/4″ Dia., Corona Cosmos Venus

This discontinued item is only available while supplies last.

  • STYLE: Mercury porcelain dinnerware features a classic artisanal pottery design in a cozy dark brown
  • BREAK-RESISTANT: Fully vitrified and with high alumina and rolled edges, you benefit from operationally durable pieces with a standard 5-year edge-chip warranty on all round products
  • SAFE FOR: Dishwasher, microwave, oven, salamander and broiler
  • Most items are stackable
  • Chip-, scratch- and thermal shock-resistant
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Collection: Corona Cosmos

Technical Specifications

Material Porcelain
Color Caramel
Shape Round
Capacity 2.7 oz 0.08 l
Top Diameter 3.75 in 9.53 cm
Length 3.78 in 9.6 cm
Width 3.78 in 9.6 cm
Height 1.38 in 3.51 cm
Barcode 0117702484256316
Case Pack 2 Dozen
Case Weight 6.08 lbs 2.76 kg
Case Length 8.86 in 22.5 cm
Case Width 7.28 in 18.5 cm
Case Height 4.92 in 12.5 cm
Case Cube 0.18 ft3 0.01 m3

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