BIN-1-BK – 27″ L x 29″ W x 40″ H, Black, Powder Coated Steel, Eco Container Collection Bin with Locking Door & Stickers, 11″ W x 5″ H Opening, (fits 3536-1 square trash can, 40 gal./150 liters), G.E.T. Eco-Takeout’s

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Collection: Eco-Takeouts

Technical Specifications

Material Powder Coated Steel
Color Black
Shape Square
Barcode 015846009865
Case Pack 1 Each
Case Weight 131.0 lbs 59.42 kg
Case Length 30.0 in 76.2 cm
Case Width 32.0 in 81.28 cm
Case Height 46.0 in 116.84 cm
Case Cube 25.56 ft3 0.72 m3

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