PP1943904224 – 3.7 oz. Caramel Reactive Glaze Porcelain Espresso Cup, 4″ Dia. w/Handle, Corona Cosmos Venus

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Collection: Corona Cosmos

Technical Specifications

Material Porcelain
Color Caramel
Shape Round
Length 3.66 in 9.3 cm
Width 2.99 in 7.59 cm
Height 1.77 in 4.5 cm
Barcode 0117702484256552
Case Pack 2 Dozen
Case Weight 7.88 lbs 3.57 kg
Case Length 12.8 in 32.5 cm
Case Width 9.65 in 24.5 cm
Case Height 5.79 in 14.7 cm
Case Cube 0.41 ft3 0.01 m3

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