PA1944712324 – 9″ Speckled Grey Reactive Glaze Porcelain Coupe Plate, Corona Cosmos Moon (Stocked)

  • Classic Coupe Design Featuring a subtle and elegant rim, this timeless coupe plate ensures food and sauces stay on the plate making it ideal for salads, entres and desserts
  • High-Strength Ceramic Commercial-grade ceramic featuring a high-Alumina content and rolled edges for maximum durability
  • Break-Resistant Designed to last and resistant to chipping, breaking or shocking compared to ordinary ceramic dinnerware
  • Oven Safe Safe for oven use up to 380__F including conventional ovens, microwave / convection ovens and salamander ovens
  • 5 Year Chip Warranty Manufacturer backed 5-year warranty on chipped edges
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Collection: Corona Cosmos

Technical Specifications

Material Porcelain
Color Gray
Shape Round
Diameter 9.0 in 22.86 cm
Top Diameter 9.0 in 22.86 cm
Length 9.0 in 22.86 cm
Width 9.0 in 22.86 cm
Height 1.02 in 2.59 cm
Barcode 0117702484255937
Case Pack 2 Dozen
Case Weight 36.72 lbs 16.66 kg
Case Length 13.82 in 35.1 cm
Case Width 10.24 in 26.0 cm
Case Height 9.92 in 25.2 cm
Case Cube 0.81 ft3 0.02 m3

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