ESC050G900 – ELEGANCE Juice Dispenser 5l, Model Gold dishwasher-proof plastic Container (opal – frosted Look), FRILICH Stainless Steel Faucet, Drip Dish, Drip Grille, Lid, Lid handle and Crushed Ice tube made of Stainless Steel (24 carat gold-plated), Cooling Pack inside Base

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Technical Specifications

Material n/a
Length 145.67 in 370.0 cm
Width 92.52 in 235.0 cm
Height 192.91 in 489.99 cm
Barcode 4024214021329
Case Pack 1 Each
Case Weight 9.7 lbs 4.4 kg
Case Length 145.67 in 370.0 cm
Case Width 92.52 in 235.0 cm
Case Height 192.91 in 490.0 cm
Case Cube 1504.61 ft3 42.61 m3

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