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Review of Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™: The Easy Setup Cold Bar Solution for Foodservice


Cold bars, also known as cold wells, are indispensable tools for foodservice operators looking to offer a variety of chilled food options. However, traditional tile systems used in cold bar setups often limit the flexibility for rearrangement, resulting in additional costs and time-consuming processes. Enter Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™, a revolutionary cold well system by G.E.T. that offers unmatched adaptability and ease of use. In this blog post, we will explore how Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ can enhance operational efficiency and elevate the presentation of corporate, college, and university dining programs.


What is Bugambilia® Fit Perfectª?

Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ is a patented line of food pans designed to work seamlessly with spacer bars, providing an effortless setup solution for cold bars. Made from resin-coated aluminum, these food pans offer superior cooling capabilities compared to stainless steel alternatives and are available in a wide range of 23 vibrant colors. Moreover, every Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ product, in every color, has been NSF-certified to ensure compliance with rigorous safety standards for foodservice applications.


Bugambilia¨ Fit Perfectª adds a degree of nimbleness you can’t get from other refrigerated cold well setups. It’s like a jail break for your cold bar: You have total freedom to arrange your pans to fit your needs on any given day.

Enhanced Design and Functionality

Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ introduces a smooth finish, adding an elegant and refined look to your cold bar. The new coating is not only visually appealing but also lighter than the Classic line, making it easier to handle in busy kitchen environments.

Stackable up to 4 crocks tall, these food pans provide space-saving benefits, accommodating operators with limited walk-in storage and simplifying transportation from the kitchen to the front-of-house. The stackability also promotes portion control, preventing overfilling while optimizing space utilization.

Unmatched Flexibility

Unlike traditional tile systems, Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ offers unrivaled flexibility in cold well configuration. The food pans lock onto spacer bars that can be easily repositioned along the length of the cold well.

This allows operators to experiment with different setups and adapt to changing needs, whether it’s introducing seasonal ingredients, adjusting food cost priorities, or exploring new throughput optimization strategies. By eliminating the need for risers and stands typically used to support food pans, Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ simplifies the setup process and minimizes measuring requirements.


Secure and Convenient Setup

Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ ensures a secure setup on your cold well. The food pans feature a lip around the rim that locks onto the slightly raised edge of the spacer bar, preventing any slipping or sliding during service.

This unique design also enables easy removal of individual food pans without disturbing the rest of the setup, eliminating the inconvenience of having to reset or hold other pans in place. Additionally, the use of gap bars fills any open spaces, creating a seamless look and preventing refrigerated air from escaping, thus maintaining optimal food temperatures and safety.


Elevate the Look of Your Cold Well

Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ offers a visual upgrade to your cold bar, providing an array of color options that can be customized to suit your branding or thematic requirements. The resin-coated aluminum pans bring a sleek and modern aesthetic, replacing the back-of-house appearance commonly associated with stainless steel alternatives. Furthermore, the durability of Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ pans prevents scratching when stacked, eliminating the hassle of separating pans and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free operation.

Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ revolutionizes the cold well experience for foodservice operators, empowering them with unparalleled flexibility, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional tile systems and embrace the agility of Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ to effortlessly adapt and enhance your cold bar setup.

If you’d like to speak with a G.E.T. expert about upgrading your cold well service with Bugambilia® Fit Perfect™ at your college, university, or corporate dining facility – or any kind of operation for that matter – you can reach us at (800) 727-4500, at [email protected], or via our Contact Us page. 

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