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Photos: Best Poolside & Patio Creative Serveware Ideas for Hospitality


When it comes to hotels and resorts with poolside and patio amenities, offering a top-notch experience is crucial. However, the restriction on using glass in these areas can limit the options for operators. In this blog post, we at G.E.T. have curated a collection of photo ideas that showcase the beautiful and innovative ways you can achieve higher-end brand positioning using outdoor-friendly serveware. Let the inspiration flow as we explore the possibilities!

Vibrant Self-Serve Cold Bar

Introducing Bugambilia® serveware crafted from resin-coated aluminum. With excellent cold temperature retention and available in 23 colors, these beautiful pieces allow hospitality operators to create a vibrant and exciting self-serve cold bar right by the pool.

Action Stations that Wow

Utilize metal action stations and melamine dinnerware to create engaging action stations that draw guests into their dining experience. Showcase the skills of your kitchen professionals and provide a memorable show for your guests.


Seafood Delights

Take advantage of the special shapes offered by Bugambilia®’s resin-coated aluminum system to delight guests with a seafood bar. Add a touch of thematic elegance with a shell-shaped bowl, tying the entire experience together.


Creative Martini Glasses

For outdoor service, get creative with martini glasses, both small and large (in plastic, of course). Allow guests to customize their own mashed potato treat using a single-pot action station for warming the potatoes and Bugambilia¨ bowls to keep herb butters and sour cream cold.


Drop-Proof Buffet Display

Create a cool and breezy display on grassy areas where glass displayware is allowed. Serve meals on melamine plateware, ensuring peace of mind knowing they won’t shatter if dropped.


Convenient Poolside Room Service

For poolside room service, consider Cabana Boxes with fresh colors, pest-protecting lids, and stackable design. These boxes offer operational ease in a high-volume service environment.


Stylish Melamine Bowls

Choose two-tone melamine bowls in beach-inspired colors to convey a playful atmosphere. The modern and cosmopolitan shapes add sophistication without being overly formal.


Elegant Plastic Drinkware

Break away from boring plastic glasses by opting for plastic rocks glasses that exude elegant simplicity. Serve a variety of beverages such as tea, juice, water, or sangria. Guests renting cabanas will appreciate the convenience of not having to ask for refills.



Whimsical Drinkware Options

Delight your guests with playful plastic hurricane, mason jar, and cognac drinkware. Explore different service applications, including kid-friendly treats or adult versions with alcoholic popsicles or flavored lemonades. Embrace the vacation spirit!


Farm-to-Table Presentation

If your establishment focuses on farm-to-table branding, taster-sized plastic glasses on a wooden board are an excellent choice. Serve beer flights, hors d’oeuvres, or both, while impressing guests with the hip and sustainable look.


Transparent and Reusable

Consider Eco-Takeouts¨ reusable to-go containers, offering operational ease for poolside room service. With transparent materials, these containers allow for easier service when guests order individual items. Guests can also close the lids and take their food back to their rooms to enjoy later.


We hope these curated ideas have sparked your imagination. Explore our collection of creative plating ideas and keep the inspiration flowing. We’d love to hear about your own ideas and suggestions in the comments section. Elevate your poolside and patio experience with outdoor-friendly serveware, providing both style and practicality for your guests.

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