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10 Creative Ways to Serve Appetizers: Calamari


 When it comes to plating your appetizers, there are numerous ways to achieve a look that will be both delighting to your guests, as well as highlight your offerings. In the past, calamari was an appetizer normally found at upscale seafood restaurants. However, this is no longer the case. From quick casual to fine dining, calamari is a crowd-pleaser. Below you will find several different and creative ways to make this appetizer your own. 


Say goodbye to the tried and true plastic basket with a paper liner used to serve calamari. The wire basket with a paper liner is a simple, but trendy way to serve any fried appetizer, including calamari. The liner also makes for easy clean up!

Products Used: 

8″ x 6″ Oval Basket 4 oz. Ramekin Food Safe Liner
4-38808 RM-400-W 4-TS1010



A take on the traditional basket can add personal style to your presentation, buy utilizing a variety of different shapes available. Shown is a boat-shaped basket with a ramekin holder in place of the motor. Cute, on theme and different. 

Products Used: 

Stainless Steel Wire Boats 2 oz. Condiment Cup Food Safe Liner
4-80118 4-84100 4-T3050


Not to be left out of the wire basket category is the vertical cone style basket. This will add elevation to your table and present an interesting display for your culinary creations.

Products Used: 

Powder Coated Swirl Cones 4 oz. Fluted Ramekin Food Safe Liner
4-32800 RM-401-BK 4-T3050


These vertical cone style baskets range from the simple to the elaborate. Here is one that has two places for sauces making it easier to get everything to the table. 

Products Used: 

Fry Cone Holder w/ 2 Holders and Handle 2 oz. Condiment Cup Food Safe Liner
4-96282 4-84100 4-TD1900


A nice way to change your look is by pulling from the farm to table look with a stainless steel bucket. It brings about a quaint look that complements the seafood vibe.

Products Used: 

4.5″ Round Serving Pail 4 oz. Ramekin Food Safe Liner
4-80818 RM-400-W 4-TS1010


Bowls are for more than just salads. This cascading bowl allows the calamari to be plated stadium-style. Using a two-toned colored bowl adds even more dimension to the presentation. 

Products Used: 

16 oz. Cascading Bowl 4 oz. Fluted Ramekin
B-788-OR/BK RM-401-BK


No need for adding skus to keep up with the demand of new appetizers. This square coupe plate doubles as an appetizer platter. 

Products Used: 

8.75″ Square Plate 4 oz. Condiment Cup
P-875 4-84111


Even better, try using a round pasta bowl. You can place the calamari around your special dipping sauce. Not only is it visually appealing, but it allows everyone to get their hands on your crispy treat. 

Products Used: 

9.2″ Round Plate 5 oz. Salsa Dish
BF-9-BK SD-05


Space is always going to be a challenge for operators. Using a rectangular patter not only looks amazing and delights your guests, but it saves on table space. 

Products Used: 

10.5″ x 4.5″ Rectangular Platter 4 oz. Condiment Cup
RP-1145-BK 4-84111


Last, but never least, this elegant 2 compartment platter offers a visually stunning way that can differentiate you tabletop design from a lower costing appetizer to a high-end range calamari dish.

Products Used: 

10.75″ x 6.25″ 2 – Compartment Platter



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