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7 Creative Ways to Serve Appetizers: Chips and Salsa


When it comes to plating your appetizers, there are many different ways to achieve stylish eye-catching looks while delighting your guests and highlighting your most popular finger foods. This is true for the house favorite appetizer, chips and salsa. Your options for serving this staple menu appetizer are as plentiful as the different types of salsa available on the market today. From traditional plastic baskets to utilizing other tabletop solutions, we will show you, in the concepts below, how a small change can make a big difference in your presentation.


Simple, yet classic, the wire basket with a paper liner is a simple way to serve chips. The liner makes for an easy cleanup, and by utilizing colorful ramekins and bowls for your salsa, this helps to complement any restaurant decor.

Products Used: 

7.25″ Round Plate 6 oz. Ramekin Food Safe Liner
RB-820 S-660 4-TS1010


Once again, a simple basket is easily cleanable, and a low-cost solution to your needs. However, using a wire basket instead of plastic to serve chips and salsa brings a touch of chic to your tabletop.  

Products Used: 

9.75″ x 6.25″ Oval Grid Basket 5 oz. Salsa Dish Food-Safe Liner
4-34412 SD-05 4-TN1000

green-basket-chips copy.jpg

When color is needed to liven up your table space, using a bright basket can help you achieve this look as well. Plus, shown polyweave basket is commercial dishwasher safe.

Products Used: 

9.5″ Round Basket 5 oz. Salsa Dish
WB-1501 SD-05


Platform baskets are useful for more than just serving burgers and chicken fingers. Combined with a molcajete, the traditional Mexican version of the mortar and pestle, you can pull together a Mexican vibe without adding to your SKUs.

Products Used: 

9″ Round Basket 5 oz. Salsa Dish Food-Safe Liner
RB-892 SD-05  4-TN1000


For a truly authentic Mexican vibe, combining a large molcajete and a smaller one can visually delight your guests. Shown molcajete bowls are commercial dishwasher safe and very durable.

Products Used: 

10 oz. Molcajete Bowl 4 oz. Molcajete Bowl
MOJ-802 MOJ-801


Table space is a premium. When sharing an appetizer, utilizing a long, narrow dish not only saves room on the table, but it also makes it easier for each guest to get their hands on the chips.

Products Used: 

15″ x 8″ Oval Platter 5 oz. Salsa Dish
OP-1580-AW SD-05


Chips and salsa in a bowl. How about that?

Products Used: 

1 qt. Textured Rim Bowl 8 oz. Textured Rim Bowl
B-32-MN-W B-10-MN-W


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