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Eco-Takeouts¨ Care and Maintenance


Eco-Takeouts¨ are the original reusable to-go food containers introduced by G.E.T. They’re an excellent, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable takeaway food containers. Not only do they exponentially cut down on the amount of waste created by disposable to-go containers, they check several other boxes as well: 

  • Reusable and dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe for re-heating food 
  • 100% BPA-free non-toxic material
  • Break-resistant and durable
  • Available in leak-resistant designs in a variety of shapes and two popular colors
  • Can add a custom logo or design for brand or reusable program awareness
  • Made from recyclable plastic #5 

Here at G.E.T., we want you to get the most out of all of the great features your Eco-Takeouts¨ bring to your operation. We’ve created this easy step-by-step guide that, when followed, will result in the optimal service life for your reusable food containers. If you’re interested in learning more about the costs of disposable dinnerware vs reusable, we’ve got you covered here: “Reusable vs Disposable Dinnerware: Costs & Benefits for a Foodservice Operation.”

Proper Handling of Your Reusable To-Go Containers

Eco-Takeouts¨ are safe for reheating for short periods of time, but not for cooking or thawing. Exposing your Eco-Takeouts¨ to a high heat environment can shorten their service life.

We recommend doing your best to avoid dropping, striking, or throwing Eco-Takeouts¨ against trashcans, sinks, etc. Doing so may cause cracking or breaking, which would likely require the container to be replaced.


Proper Cleaning Of Your Reusable To-Go Containers

This is as easy as: 

  1. Rinse
  2. Gently scrub
  3. Ready for the dishwasher

As with all polypropylene products on the market, it’s best to rinse them immediately after use. This helps to avoid buildup of residue from foods.

After rinsing, if you see some remaining food residue you can use a soft sponge to gently scrub it. However, we caution against using scour pads and any kind of steel wool or metal scrubber. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is the more abrasive the scrubber, the more chance there is of scratching your to-go container, which will shorten its service life.

Proper Dishwashing of Your Reusable To-Go Containers

Loading your Eco-Takeouts¨ into your commercial dishwasher is the last step in properly caring for your inventory.

When loading your Eco-Takeouts¨ reusable containers onto the proper dish rack, keep the containers reasonably spaced out. Overloading and/or stacking containers on top of each other will not result in a thorough washing.

Lastly, and importantly, before you start your dishwasher, make sure that the detergent you’re using is 100% bleach-free. Bleach and other harsh detergents can damage Eco-Takeouts¨ reusable to-go containers, reducing their service life.


Quick Overview of Do’s and Don’ts 

Overall, it’s pretty easy to properly care and maintain your Eco-Takeouts¨ reusable food containers, as long as you know how. Here’s a quick overview for easy reference down the road: 

Handling Your Eco-Takeouts¨ 

  • Do
    • Handle with care
    • Reheat in microwave for short periods of time 
  • Don’t
    • Drop, strike, or throw
    • Cook or thaw food

Cleaning Your Eco-Takeouts¨ 

  • Do
    • Rinse as soon as possible
    • For best results, soak for at least 10 minutes in mild, bleach-free soap
    • Use soft cloths or sponges to remove food
  • Don’t
    • Use scour pads, steel wool, or any kind of metal scrubbers
    • Use bleach or bleach-based detergents or cleansers

Dishwashing Your Eco-Takeouts¨ 

  • Do
    • Place in correct pegged dishwashing rack, reasonably spaced out
    • Ensure all detergents and chemicals used in the washing process are bleach-free
  • Don’t
    • Overload
    • Stack containers on top of each other

Reusable Eco-Takeouts¨ offer many environmental and cost-saving benefits to your foodservice operation. We think you’ll agree that following a simple maintenance plan like this one is doable and will help you get the longest service life possible out of your takeaway food containers. Take care of your Eco-Takeouts¨, and they’ll take care of you!

If you love the idea of using Eco-Takeouts¨ on your college, university, or office campus, we recommend reading “The Best Way to Implement Eco-Takeouts¨ Reusable Food Containers,” to get ideas about best practices when it comes to launching a reusable to-go container program of your own.


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