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G.E.T.’s 2024 Melamine Dinnerware Solutions Brochure Release


Starting the New Year off the right way! Discover G.E.T.’s melamine dinnerware solutions with some exciting additions that elevate your guests’ dining experience. Read all about the behind-the-scenes development of the new G.E.T. Melamine Dinnerware Solutions Brochure.

Defining the Standard of Melamine Dinnerware

As you may be aware, our dinnerware collections boast a diverse array of colors, shapes, and designs. To enhance your browsing experience, we have organized our offerings into three distinct categories: ‘Disruptive Design,’ which introduces a balance between uniqueness and functionality; ‘Fashion-Forward,’ showcasing on-trend and artisanal designs; and ‘Operational Classic,’ featuring beloved and industry-favorite melamine dinnerware. Each pillar encapsulates the collections cherished by operators.

Here’s a glimpse into a few of the collections you can expect to find in our Melamine Dinnerware Solutions Brochure.

Disruptive Design

Cutting-edge, imaginative, and enjoyable, these collections are bound to shake things up. Highlighting one of our most in-demand brands, cheforward , the disruptive approach sets a new standard for dining experiences, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

hatch, designed to mimic the organic form of hatched eggs, comprises a dinnerware and displayware set that is certain to captivate both patrons and chefs alike.

Photo of cheforward  hatch Collection

Fashion Forward

Our Mill Collections boast a thorough design that not only exudes fashion and trendiness but also seamlessly complements your tabletop and buffet setups. Mill provides the ability to mix and match the different patterns to match your style. Drawing inspiration from artisanal designs, this collection will make you question whether it’s truly made of melamine.

Roca has certainly become a top choice for numerous customers and dealers alike. Its chic design seamlessly fits into various operations and enables establishments to command a higher menu price point. Additionally, Roca Balance is stackable, offering space-saving benefits in your back of house and buffet.

Photo of G.E.T.’s Roca Collection

Operational Classic

This tried-and-true assortment houses some of our top sellers! Serving as the cornerstone of G.E.T., this collection maintains its durability, reliability, and continues to offer one of the most cost-effective options in melamine dinnerware.

Supermel stands as the pioneering melamine collection, established over three decades ago, and remains the enduring, budget-friendly option for operators seeking superior performance, durability, and timeless functionality.

Photo of G.E.T.’s Supermel Collection

A Brief Q&A with G.E.T.’s Senior Director of Marketing

We interviewed Herve Boeglin, our Senior Director of Marketing, and discussed the concepts and preparations for the current year’s brochure.

What is the inspiration behind the 2024 Melamine Dinnerware Solution Brochure?

Herve: “Our Melamine Dinnerware Solution Brochure is a celebration of culinary creativity and innovation, designed for chefs and foodservice professionals seeking to elevate their dining experiences and save money. At G.E.T., we offer the largest selection of melamine dinnerware, from operational classics designs to fashion forward and disruptive concepts. We believe that the right dinnerware is not just a vessel for food but an essential element of the culinary journey.

Inspired by a passion for exquisite design, functionality and durability, our catalog showcases a carefully curated selection of dinnerware solutions that helps create an unforgettable experience from traditional American bistro to farm to table or ethnic cuisine concepts. Each piece tells a story, inviting chefs to explore new possibilities and transform meals into unforgettable culinary masterpieces with unparalleled durability.”

“Tired of replacing fragile china or porcelain vessels? Make the shift from fragile china to G.E.T. Melamine Dinnerware—where style meets durability. Elevate your dining experience while minimizing operational costs through reduced breakage.”

What is your favorite dinnerware collection?

Herve: “hatch stands out as my favorite due to its seamless blend of art and functionality. The disruptive design and the use of natural stone sculpture in this high-end melamine dinnerware, creates a visually stunning and organic aesthetic. What truly sets it apart is the experiential element it brings to the table, ideal for any operation seeking to elevate the dining experience indoor or outdoor. The stackable design feature not only adds to its unique charm but also maximizes operational efficiency. hatch’s ability to support higher menu pricing and its versatility make it the perfect choice for creating a truly unique dining atmosphere.”

What’s next and exciting?

Herve: “While we have a multitude of projects in progress, what particularly sparks my enthusiasm is the opportunity to connect with our valued customers, chefs, foodservice professionals, and industry partners at the upcoming 2024 National Restaurant Association Show. Stay tuned for the introduction of additional innovative tabletop solutions at our G.E.T. booth #1800 in the South Hall at McCormick Place in Chicago from May 18-21. Looking forward to connecting.”

Herve Boeglin, G.E.T.’s Senior Director of Marketing

G.E.T.’s Melamine Dinnerware Solution Brochure is currently available in a digital format. The complete catalog is set to be unveiled in Spring 2024. Explore and download the brochure by clicking the link below:

Link to 2024 Melamine Dinnerware Solutions Brochure

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