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Tired of Replacing Fragile China or Porcelain Vessels?


Elevate your dining experience with G.E.T. Melamine Dinnerware solutions, combining style and durability. Reduce your cost of operation by minimizing the frequent breakage of plates, cups, bowls, and platters.

What is Melamine?

Melamine, a highly durable material, is created by heating wood pulp with hardening components. While not indestructible, melamine has a longer in-service life than porcelain and can withstand more wear and tear without chipping. It’s important to handle melamine with care, especially along the edges, to maintain its longevity. Compared to porcelain, melamine is the superior choice in terms of durability.

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Watch a short clip showcasing the durability and versatility of melamine in comparison to porcelain:

Who We Are:

G.E.T. is the leading creative designer and developer, offering the most comprehensive melamine dinnerware solutions from disruptive designs, fashion-forward, to operational classic guest-facing servingware. Pioneering break-resistant serveware, drinkware, and displayware that have strengthened brands around the world.

Having accumulated over three decades of experience in the foodservice sector, G.E.T understands the critical role dinnerware, drinkware, and displayware play in achieving operators’ daily success.

Our mission is to help operators who seek only the best in fashion-forward design, operational durability and attentive customer service create memorable guest experiences while lowering total operating costs by setting the dining supplies standard for dinnerware, drinkware, and displayware.

Only G.E.T. offers:

Every melamine style, shape, and size you need to stay ahead of the dining trends, crafting beautiful presentations and leaving lasting impressions on your guests.  

Most comprehensive stocked designs ranging from disruptive to fashion forward and operational classic.

NSF-Certified melamine, ensuring pure materials and food-safe designs that don’t harbor bacteria.

Melamine is the ideal dinnerware choice for:

  • High volume operation (dining halls, banquets, buffet) 
  • Indoor and outdoor service 
  • Casual & fast casual restaurants 
  • Mix and match in fine dining 
  • Hospitality, resorts & casinos (poolside, patio dining, outdoor) 
  • Cruise lines  
  • Education and institutions 
  • Long term care 
  • Stadium and Entertainment 

And any other establishment who is looking to elevate their dining style without breaking the bank or the serving vessel.

Disruptive Designs, Fashion Forward, Operational Classics

Pictured: G.E.T Melamine Dinnerware Categories

How We Serve:

At G.E.T., we are committed to addressing the unique concerns of our customers as we broaden our product range. Our top priority is to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs for tabletop presentations.

You can rely on our knowledgeable sales team to guide you through our extensive offerings and help you identify the best options for your establishment. Rest assured that we are dedicated to delivering the products and services that will elevate your dining experience, save you money, and reinforce your brand.

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