How to Make More Commission with Enameled Cast Iron Alternative


Cookware made from colorful, enameled cast iron is sought after because of its gorgeous tabletop aesthetic and versatility in the kitchen. However, due to the price and weight of these beautiful pieces, many foodservice establishments either can’t afford them or find them too cumbersome for daily operational use.

As a dealer sales rep, those two setbacks make it difficult to sell enameled cast iron to your foodservice clients even though so many of them want the look and feel. To help you tap into this demand, here at G.E.T. we’ve developed a new line of commercial cookware called Heissª that solves for these issues because it’s made with induction-ready cast aluminum

You can help your clients by offering them Heissª cookware thanks to these and other benefits. Due to the versatility and a price point that’s within reach for almost any operation, you can enjoy healthy commissions because you now have a mass market selling opportunity. 

To help you bring Heissª to market, we’ve packaged everything here for you, including a:

  • Downloadable flier for small and large pieces to easily share with your clients
  • Link where you can order samples to create inviting displays in your showroom 
  • Short, sharable video highlighting the benefits of Heissª

Let’s take a quick look at how you can earn more commission selling Heissª cast aluminum cookware than enameled cast iron.



Pictured: Heissª induction cookware

Broaden Your Sales Landscape with Induction-Ready Cast Aluminum Cookware

The market is rife with large and small foodservice establishments who want to incorporate enameled cast iron into their operations for the excellent aesthetics and as useful cookware. However, many have stopped short due to the high price and heavy weight.

For you, the dealer sales rep, this creates an opportunity to tap into pent-up demand because Heissª is the perfect, affordable, and lightweight alternative to enameled cast iron. Clients already using enameled cast iron can integrate induction-ready cast aluminum into their presentations and add new colors, sizes, and shapes.

Consider this: A single 4.5-qt. enameled cast iron Dutch oven will cost your clients roughly $299.95-$325. If a client needs three units, they’re looking at investing $899.97-$975.

But if your clients choose the same size pot from the Heissª collection, the cost ranges from $117-$130. At three units, your client only needs to invest $351-$390. Essentially, they can get three induction-ready cast aluminum Dutch ovens for about the cost of a single enameled cast iron piece.


The versatility of these pieces will also help you close deals with a wide range of clients because:

  • The style can fit nearly any dŽcor including modern, rustic, traditional, industrial, and almost anything in between
  • Beyond induction-readiness, Heissª creates even heat (up to 500°F) throughout the whole pot on open flame, in combi and traditional ovens, high heat gas ovens, warming cabinets, steamers, and over canned fuel
  • Clients can upgrade their brand positioning because their guests will immediately associate the look of Heissª cookware with a made-from-scratch offering
  • The collection is stocked in a range of sizes
  • Pieces are available in 4 color schemes – red with white interior, cobalt blue with black interior, gray with black interior, and black with black interior
  • All Heissª cookware is commercial dishwasher-safe and won’t rust because it’s cast aluminum, whereas enameled cast iron can rust over time if chipping occurs and the natural cast iron is exposed
  • Heissª is designed to be stackable and won’t chip around the rim like enameled cast iron can because each piece in the collection weighs so little

The larger cookware pieces are sold individually, and the minis come in packs of six, which gives you plenty of options for meeting your clients’ order volume needs.

All of these features will allow you to sell more pieces to each client and to appeal to a broader range of foodservice establishments.  

Which of Your Clients Will Benefit from Heissª Induction-Ready Cast Aluminum Cookware?  

Due to the versatility of this collection, you can sell to mass audiences from budget-conscious segments to high-end and everything in between:

  • Hotels can use for breakfast buffets, room service, onsite dining, and catered events
  • Business campus cafeterias at business parks, in hospitals, or colleges and universities
  • Nearly any full-service restaurant can highlight special menu items with Heissª
  • Stadium club boxes
  • Caterers especially benefit from the lighter weight of Heissª and compatibility with any heat source

All of these areas of foodservice can utilize Heissª cookware in the front- or back-of-the-house, or both.


Pictured: Heissª Induction Minis (top left & bottom right), and Heissª Minis (top right & bottom left)

Perks and Resources from Partnering with G.E.T.

When you partner with G.E.T., you can always sell with confidence because:

  • You can order samples to outfit your showroom, allowing your clients to physically experience Heissª cookware, creating an emotional connection
  • You can easily share informative fliers for small and large cookware with your clients in just a few clicks
  • We even have an informative video featuring our resident metals expert that you can share with your clients or post on you social media feeds
  • Your shipments will arrive on time because we typically ship within 24 hours
  • A well-stocked warehouse means you can effectively plan without having to worry about custom or back orders delaying your sales forecast
  • First-rate customer service is part of our culture – we’ll always stand behind our quality and be by your side from your initial interest to post-purchase support
  • You can have your questions answered by our team of experts at every turn: (800) 727-4500, [email protected]

We know you’ll enjoy being able to add value to a wide swath of your client base’s operations, which will help you increase your commission. It’s a true win-win for both of you. If you’d like to learn more about the differences between enameled cast iron and induction-ready cast aluminum, we’ve got an in-depth article that’s perfect for you: “Enameled Cast Iron vs. Cast Aluminum Induction Cookware for Foodservice.” 


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