Help Your Clients Make Money with Merchandising Displays (While You Do, Too)


As you sell products to foodservice and hospitality businesses, it’s nice to find new offerings that are easy for you to sell and for them to access. But it’s an absolute pleasure when those products help both of you make money by creating high-impact impressions and attracting customers’ attention. As we all know, making more money comes from delighting guests so they spend more.

The most dependable commodity items like pots and pans, napkins, plateware, etc., may help you earn commission (depending on your finance structure), but they’re a cost center for your clients. Not many options exist on the market that can make money for both of you.  

G.E.T.’s new collection of merchandising display solutions does just that.


About the Merchandising Display Collection and Accessories

The Urban Renewal line of merchandising display products features smooth wood and dark, powder-coated steel. Supplemental pieces like galvanized buckets and cups, or rough, weathered wood boxes were designed to work in tandem with Urban Renewal to help operators create displays with depth and a variety of textures. 

The comprehensive collection of visual merchandising pieces taps into the sought-after vintage and industrial aesthetic trends. Refined and versatile, Urban Renewal pieces complement several styles and levels of formality.

Urban Renewal merchandising displays and accessories are applicable for most verticals within the foodservice and hospitality industries, which means you can easily help a range of clients. Hotels, college and university campus dining programs, and more will benefit because the collection can range from floor to countertop heights

We’ve curated all the great features and benefits of the Urban Renewal merchandising collection and its supplemental pieces for you and your clients, including a downloadable flier to help spread the word, and a link where you can order samples to outfit your showroom. 


How Merchandising Displays Can Earn Sales Reps More Commission 

There’s very little in merchandising options for foodservice and hospitality sales reps, which open the doors to more commission for the wise ones in the know. Retail clients are a different story because merchandising displays are a core tactic for their business. And in many cases, some of the merchandising units are provided by food and beverage manufacturers, like Frito-Lay¨ and Coca-Cola¨

But merchandising displays aren’t as prevalent in foodservice and hospitality. You may very well offer your clients a way to make more money using an approach they’ve never considered. G.E.T.’s displays can be easily moved around to different areas, which offers your clients a value-add over other merchandising displays.  

When your clients understand that merchandising displays represent a one-time investment that can generate ongoing profits, you’re bringing them a ton of value. All they have to do is setup their displays near a register or other highly visible area, fill them with impulse-buy items, and enjoy the extra revenue per square foot.


The items on display can be as exclusive as a signature spice blend or as simple as house-baked cookies, bags of chips, cracker snacks, and candy bars. The vast options within G.E.T.’s collection give you a leg up over a retail manufacturer, including new wooden styles coming soon. Food and beverage manufacturers typically only offer a single size that often lacks trendy or noteworthy designs to support existing dŽcor. 

When you help your clients earn more money, you build trust by expertly sharing multiple options addressing their specific needs, which leads to more sales overall. You can also earn the opportunity to get their business for commodity items because they see you as a resource. 

Let’s take a look at what your clients will get out of the deal, too.


How Your Clients Can Earn More Money per Square Foot with Merchandising Displays 

Simply put, adding a merchandising display where there wasn’t one before means that that operator has created an opportunity to earn money where none previously existed. And they can do so using the same space they’ve always had, effectively earning more money per square foot.  

Your clients will benefit because of the:

  • Availability in different sizes and shapes
  • Mobility – units can be moved from the counter to the floor and vice versa to accommodate different needs
  • High-volume, commercial-strength durability
  • Variety of textures and materials


Who’s a Good Fit for Urban Renewal Merchandising Displays and Why?

In addition to helping you and your clients make more money, the Urban Renewal merchandising display solution was designed with versatility in mind. This solution lends itself well to several verticals within foodservice and hospitality. Beyond the aesthetics, your clients have options for:

  • Tall or short stands with choice of metal wire or wooden trays
  • Locking wheels for easy mobility
  • Stackable wooden display boxes/trays of varying depths with metal brackets

To help your clients round out their merchandising displays with matching accessories, options range from:

  • Beverage setups
  • Stackable wooden bread boxes with acrylic drawers
  • Galvanized buckets and cups
  • Trays that mimic reclaimed wood
  • Stackable boxes in small, medium, and large resembling weathered wooden crates

For you, the versatility means you can enjoy repeat success by helping a wide variety of foodservice and hospitality clients. For your clients, it means they can find a range of applications to fit their individual needs.



Urban Renewal merchandising displays are a good fit for budget, mid- and upper-tier hotels. Some of the best use cases are:

  • Add snacks for purchase near the concierge or check-out areas
  • Last-minute souvenirs at the check-out counter
  • Display snacks and beverage service in meetings rooms for an upgraded experience (and command a higher price point for bookings)
  • Highlight items with strong profit margins in onsite convenience stores or gift shops
  • Upgrade breakfast buffets, snack breaks for meetings, cocktail hour set ups
  • Delight guests with smartly displayed cold water and hot coffee in the lobby

Breakfast buffets are important because they have a major impact on how guests select where they stay and how they rate their visits online afterward. The lobby experience creates the first and last impressions for guests, so it deserves attention, too.

When guests feel like every detail of their stay was thought through, they’ll reward operators with great online reviews later. Because 97.9 percent of guests are reading online reviews before they book, it’s worth investing in stylish and convenient merchandising displays and beverage service stations.



College & University and Business & Industry

These verticals have different customers – students and professionals respectively – but their use cases are nearly the same.

Merchandising displays can live in:

  • Cafeterias
  • Book stores
  • Student center snack areas
  • Sporting venues 

Onsite stores can use merchandising displays to highlight:

  • School- or company-branded shirts, sweaters, key chains, ties, etc.
  • Food and snacks
  • Pens and note pads
  • Common medicine like aspirin, heartburn, and allergy relief

The items displayed don’t have to be rocket science – just convenient, everyday things that people often need or leave behind at home. The trick is to help your clients create commanding displays in underutilized areas to capture incremental sales that didn’t exist before.

Tools and G.E.T. Support for Sales Reps

G.E.T.’s unparalleled support in several areas will make helping your clients with Urban Renewal merchandising display solutions a breeze:

  • Get samples to outfit your showroom
  • Download a flier to easily share with your clients
  • Fast, reliable shipping, allowing you to confidently sell without having to worry whether your order will arrive on time
  • Excellent customer service available in multiple languages to help answer your questions no matter where you are in the world


Now that you have everything you need at your fingertips to help your clients, we hope you’ll enjoy bringing this valuable option to them as you both pad your pocketbooks. Don’t forget to download your flier and get samples for your showroom.  

If you’d like to read up on how to help your hospitality clients improve their online reviews and increase their booking volumes, we’ve got you covered in “1 Tip to Help Hotels Earn Better Online Reviews.” 


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