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10 Creative Ways to Serve Appetizers: Appetizer Sampler Platter


The appetizer sampler platter. A must have on any menu. Unfortunately, somehow the mixing of three or more culinary creations leaves a less than visually appealing tabletop presentation. Below are 10 ways to not only highlight your offerings, but delight your guests at the same time. A win-win for everyone!


An urban look that is very popular, try adding paper to a small baking pan and you have a new take on a old favorite. 


Products Used: 

18″ x 13″ Rectangular Tray 4 oz. Condiment Cup Food Safe Liner
4-77808 4-84111 4-TD1900


Metal trays combined with metal 1lb boats will not only make a visual impact, but take care of the problem of the different items touching. Once again, paper liners are used to keep the look fresh and the clean up a snap.

Products Used: 

16.25″ x 8.25″ Rectangular Tray 4 oz. Ramekin 9.5″ x 6″ Boat Tray
SST-18 RM-400-W 4-80888


Save time and energy washing plates with this durable stainless steel rectangular grid basket. Perfect for creating sharable dishes while maintaining a space saving, easy to stack, and portable tray.

Products Used: 

9″ x 7″ Rectangular Grid Basket 4 oz. Condiment Cup Food Safe Liner
4-835809 4-84111 4-TD1900


When your sampler is more for a happy hour and/or smaller portions, using a circle plate can still create a large impact. Try this look for your bar offerings.

Products Used: 

6.5″ Round Plate 4 oz. Ramekin
DP-506 RM-400-W


Traditionally, three or more appetizers are combined together on one platter. A simple way to offer this delightful treat to your guests is to place your samples around your sauces. 

Products Used: 

7.25″ Round Plate 4 oz. Ramekin
BF-7-BK RM-400-W


A slight variation that can have a visual impact is using a square platter and adding carrots and celery. Not only do the extra veggies add color, it has the added benefit of keeping some of the food from touching.

Products Used: 

8.75″ Square Plate  4 oz. Ramekin
P-875-BK RM-400-W


Platter baskets have many uses on todays tabletop. Not only does the paper lining make for easy clean-up, but it is sized right for three or more appetizer samplers as well as the necessary sauce accompaniments. 

Products Used: 

Round Basket 4 oz. Ramekin Food Safe Liner
RB-890 RM-400-W 4-TS1010


Don’t be afraid to try different shapes. This triangle shaped plate combined with triangle ramekins creates a visual impact and look that is different from what everyone else is serving.

Products Used: 

12″ Triangle Plate 2 oz. Triangle Ramekin
TP-12-TY RM-201-BK


While round has been the traditional approach, don’t forget about rectangle platters. Not only do they offer a canvas to beautifully layout your appetizer samples, but they save on table real estate.

Products Used: 

13″ x 7.8″ Rectangular Platter 4 oz. Ramekin
CS-6105-W RM-400-W


The elongated platter allows everyone at the table easy access to their favorites, while adding an elegance to this menu staple.

Products Used: 

15″ x 7.5″ Tray 4 oz. Ramekin
ML-287-BK RM-400-W


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